Volume 5, Fall 2013 (Online)

Volume 5 is here. You can read new poetry by David Starkey, Mercedes Lawry, Lauren Russell, Susan H. Maurer, Elisabeth Arlen, Robert Nazarene, Paul Smith, Spencer Smith, and our former poetry editor Chad Heltzel, and hear Jenene Ravesloot and Tom Roby front the poetry-music project Omniphonic. We also bring you prose by Jessica Young (with Young reading her story out loud), J.A. Bernstein, Sherard Harrington, George Bishop Jr., and B.J. Hollars, and art by Dan Ivec, Tricia Rumbolz, and our former art editor Jennie Berner. Read, listen, and view the issue in the sequence we propose, or jump around. Either way, this issue will last you longer and delight you more consistently than spring in Chicago.

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Volume 4, Spring 2013 (Online)

We're back, this time as an online journal! This issue features "Bronzed" by Nick Kocz, the winner of the Packingtown Review Flash Fiction Contest, and the runner-up Susan Phillips's "If Mama Had'a Raised Eminem," selected by our contest judge Kathleen Rooney. We're also proud to present art by Larry O. Dean, Gretchen Hasse, and Verica Patrnogic, poetry by Sara E. Lamers, Paul Martinez Pompa, Anthony Madrid, R.D. Morgan, Ksenija Simic-Muller, and Diane Solis, and critical prose by JoAnne Ruvoli and J.A. Bernstein.

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The "Lost" Volume 3 (Not-Yet-In-Print)

The third issue of our print journal was scheduled to appear in March 2012. Although the issue was completely edited, laid out and proofread by late 2011, virtually all of the sources of financial support for Packingtown Review ran dry by the time the issue was turned over to the University of Illinois Press. To this day, the press is holding the issue's content and the list of subscribers as collateral as we are slowly paying down our debt. Please stay tuned for further developments.

Volume 2, 2010 (Print)

Our second issue includes drama by Janet Burroway, John Greiner, and Dayana Stetco, poetry by Julie Carr, Norman Dubie, Michelle Glazer, Matt Hart, Karen An-Hwei Lee, and Joshua Marie Wilkinson, prose by Johanna Drucker, Daniel Nester, and Effie Yiannopoulou, art by Victoria Bischtok, and more.

Volume 1, 2009 (Print)

Our inaugural issue includes: prose by William Ayers, Ricardo Cortez Cruz, Noah Eli Gordon, Davis Schneiderman, and Curtis White, poetry by Brenda Hillman, Paul Hoover, Tung-Hui Hu, Claudia Keelan, Alessandra Lynch, Sheila E. Murphy, Dennis Phillips, Sun Yung Shin, and Rosmarie Waldrop, drama by Phillip Dawkins and Paula B. Stanic, art by Wayne Leal, and more. It also features the winner of the Packingtown Review Prize for Critical Response, Deborah DeNicola's essay "Hoover's Eternal Moments."


The Past 2007-2011

Packingtown Review was founded in 2007 at the University of Illinois at Chicago by Ph.D. students in the English department. The first two issues feature poetry, prose, drama, literary scholarship, and cultural commentary by new and established authors not only from the United States, but also from Germany, Romania, Greece, Egypt, France, Holland. The first issue came out in March 2009, and the second in March 2010. To order back issues at $10 per copy, e-mail us at

The Future is now

Packingtown Review launched in April 2013 as an independent online publication. Check out our current issue.

Editorial Board

  • Snezana Zabic
  • Tasha Marren
  • Todd Marren
  • Cynthia Cravens
  • Roxanne Pilat
  • Dubravka Juraga
  • Heather Brown



  • Please include a cover letter, as well as a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) along with your submission.
  • All unused manuscripts will be recycled.
  • Simultaneous submissions? Yes, but we ask that you indicate in your cover letter that the manuscript has been submitted elsewhere and that you notify us ASAP if it is accepted by another publication.
  • Feedback? Although we would love to comment on all manuscripts, the volume we receive precludes us from doing so. But please know that each submission is read carefully and given thoughtful consideration.
  • Electronic submissions? At this time, we do not accept electronic submissions for poetry and prose. However, if you are submitting artwork, please see the details below.
  • Previously published material is also not accepted.
  • Response time? Approximately three months. If you have not received a response after three months, feel free to send an email query.

Snail Mail Accepting Submissions

Packingtown Review
111 S Lincoln St
Batavia, IL 60510
Send three to five poems. Do not exceed ten pages of single-spaced verse.
Fiction, Scholarship, and Non-Fiction
Send up to 8,000 words (or 30 pages) of double-spaced prose. Please list name and page number on each page of the submission. For scholarship, please submit your work in accordance with The Chicago Manual of Style.
Send up to 40 pages of playwriting or screenwriting (excerpts or completed scripts) for consideration. Work need not stand alone. Please list name and page number on each page of the submission.
Please provide the original text with your English translation. Also procure publication rights from the original author or authors estate. See above for genre guidelines.
All submissions of original artwork will be considered for publication in the journal, on the cover, and on our website. Please include 1-5 pieces, the title of each, and a brief autobiographical statement.

Photography: We accept color or black & white prints of any dimension. Please send a print of the photo to our mailing address, or submit a jpeg, png, pdf, or gif file. We do not accept negatives. After reviewing your submission, we will contact you if changes in size or format are required.

  • Via snail mail, please send a color photograph of your artwork to our mailing address. Do not submit the original artwork, as it will not be returned.
  • To submit electronically, please email a link to your online portfolio or a jpeg/png/pdf to editors @ After reviewing your submission, we will contact you if changes in size or format are required.